Treat headaches the natural way with gemmotherapy

Soigner les maux de tête naturellement

Headaches and migraines ruin the lives of millions of people around the world. Some types of pain have well-defined causes while for others it remains a mystery... Did you know that in addition to traditional allopathic treatment methods, there are natural and non-addictive remedies composed of buds to provide you with relief?


A headache is a painful and incapacitating problem, which takes several forms, in particular:

• Tension headaches

• Migraine, which is a complex neurological disease

• Cluster headaches 

Headaches are also caused by other problems, such as drug abuse or sinusitis. 

What are tension headaches? 

The causes of tension headaches can be:

• Stress-related or

• Linked to cervical musculoskeletal problems. 

• Related to a depressive state, an unpleasant event, overwork...

More than 70% of people have episodic tension headaches, with the chronic form affecting only 1-3% of adults. These problems often appear in adolescence and affect three women to every two men.

Description of a headache

•    Causes pain all over the head (light pressure on both sides of the head, feelings of tightness to the head)

•  Attacks are episodic

• The pain is mild to moderate in intensity and is not usually associated with nausea or vomiting.

• Usually lasts a few hours

What is migraine?

By definition, the term migraine means "half of the skull", i.e. that the pain is localised in one side of the head and may then spread throughout the entire skull. It's a complex neurological disease that can totally prevent our bodies from functioning. The causes are complex, but we can say that there are people who have a partly genetic predisposition that causes the brain to react more strongly than average to certain triggers.

Description of a migraine 

• Stabbing pains, throbbing on one side of the head.

• Can last for hours, even days.

• Gradually increasing pain 

• Accompanied by nausea, vomiting, 

• Or sensitivity to light

• Preceded by "warning" signs: visual or sensory disturbances (pins and needles), difficulty with speech, unilateral paresis and/or incoordination.

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What are cluster headaches? 

Cluster headaches are a rarer (1/1,000) syndrome characterised by repeated facial pain, generally on one side of the head only and close to one eye. They appear suddenly and are extremely intense and painful. This primary form of headache generally affects men more than women (6 men to 1 woman).

Description of cluster headaches 

• Develop from the age of 20 onwards 

• Frequent recurrent brief headaches

• Extremely severe

• With pain around the eye, that becomes red and watery

• Runny or blocked nose on the affected side 

As mentioned above, headaches can also occur as a result of overuse of headache medications. Up to 5% of individuals are concerned in certain populations, more generally women.

To treat this kind of problem, there is only one solution: progressive withdrawal from painkillers (aspirins, paracetamol, etc).


Whatever the cause, pain follows a similar mechanism in the body. In fact, all the nerves throughout the body are constantly transmitting warning messages to the brain.  The nervous system is therefore the route by which warning messages are transmitted to the brain. It is only once they reach the brain that the message becomes pain, i.e. that it is perceived as such. The body has its own pain management system. This involves the secretion of natural morphines: endorphins or endomorphins. These substances play a role in inhibiting pain.

To stop headaches, it is necessary to look for molecules that have the following properties:

• Anti-inflammatory

• Pain relief

• Calming the nervous system

• Blood thinning

• Serotonergic

• Immune stimulant

• Anti-infectious

• Detoxifying

Midogem Forte

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The MIDOGEM FORTE complex is composed of buds of Alnus glutinosa, Blackcurrant, Wild rose and essential oil of Laurus nobilis (leaves). 

• Alnus glutinosa has anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties and it is also an effective vascular remedy, i.e. it will help to liquefy the blood and cerebral blood circulation and thus regulate the level of circulating serotonin. 

• Blackcurrant: In this complex, blackcurrant potentiates the effect of the other buds because it is primarily an effective anti-inflammatory. It will therefore be very useful because most headaches are caused by inflammation.  In addition, the fact that blackcurrant is adaptogenic makes the nervous system more resistant and therefore more stable, which in turn leads to fewer headaches or migraines. 

• Wild rose has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and above all anti-allergic and immunostimulant properties. According to some studies, when the origin of migraines is unknown, they may be caused by allergies, with Wild Rose being ideal in this case. 

• Essential oil of Lauris nobilis has analgesic, antinevralgic and anti-inflammatory properties. It regulates the sympathetic nervous system, making it an essential option for the treatment of any headache.

In summary, thanks to the combined action of buds and essential oil, the Midogem FORTE complex (drops or spray) acts as a:

- Cerebral vascular anti-inflammatory

- Painkiller

- Blood thinner 

Contraindications: This complex is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 13 years of age.


  • 1 spray 3 times a day
  •  In case of a serious attack, up to a maximum of 4 times a day. 

If you are taking other drug treatments, MIDOGEM FORTE can be taken.

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