The specialists in concentrated gemmotherapy

HerbalGem is the benchmark for concentrated gemmotherapy, the use of natural remedies based on fresh, organic macerated buds (gemmos). We hand pick our buds and have control over the entire process from harvesting to manufacturing  so that we can extract all the therapeutic power of the buds, from the tree to the bottle.

This natural therapy for the whole family contains highly concentrated doses of embryonic energy to restore your health day by day.

With over 30 years' expertise in the development and production of nutritional supplements based on buds and plant extracts, HerbalGem offers you the widest range of concentrated gemmotherapy products.

Our range of gemmotherapy includes more than 60 certified ORGANIC (CERTISYS-BE-BIO-01 control) concentrated mother-macerates. Our products are designed to keep the whole family healthy, from the youngest to the eldest, in the most effective and natural way. Our gemmotherapy extracts (or gemmos) are made exclusively with fresh plants from organic farming and are not diluted in order to preserve all the properties of the bud.

The HerbalGem laboratory - Labels
The HerbalGem laboratory - Concentrated gemmotherapy

HerbalGem, life energy by nature

HerbalGem has many different types of products:

  • Single bud meristem macerates: extracts that contain all the properties of a single bud. With its blend of active ingredients, this is the quintessential essence of the plant.
  • Gemmotherapy complexes: synergistic and harmonious blends of different mother-macerates that respond in a targeted fashion to a particular issue.
  • Bud gums: bud macerates with a base of pure 100% plant-based gum arabic gum for easy and practical use.
The HerbalGem laboratory - Range of products

A self-sustained company

HerbalGem is a fully self-sustained company located in the Belgian Ardennes, where the plants for our buds are carefully planted, cultivated, and harvested, and then the buds are macerated, packaged and distributed.

HerbalGem controls every stage of its products' production. From the cultivation and harvesting of the buds to their transformation into finished products, our scientific experts have control over the quality and efficiency of the entire production process.

The harvest, a key moment 

The HerbalGem laboratory - Harvesting the buds

In the spring, our teams of seasonal workers are sent into the forests as well as our own organic crops to pick the buds according to very strict instructions. The buds are picked just before they open in order to preserve their vital energy. The buds are stabilised immediately at the harvest sites to capture all the plant's minerals, vitamins and nucleic acids. They are used fresh for the maceration process.

The HerbalGem laboratory - Harvesting the buds 2
The HerbalGem laboratory - Harvesting the buds 3
The HerbalGem laboratory - Harvesting the buds 4
The HerbalGem laboratory - Scientific standards and quality

The manufacturing process: scientific standards and quality

All HerbalGem products are manufactured in our laboratory according to the most rigorous production and traceability standards.

We ensure our products are high-quality through: 

  • Meticulous selection of species with the most active ingredients
  • Rigorous control of all the harvesting and manufacturing phases
  • The fact we have over 30 years' of experience in gemmotherapy

In order to guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and to develop new combinations of plants, we are constantly investing in gemmotherapy research programmes in partnership with universities and approved independent research laboratories.

The HerbalGem laboratory - Scientific standards and quality 2
The HerbalGem laboratory - Scientific standards and quality 3
The HerbalGem laboratory - Scientific standards and quality 4


We have focused all our expertise on our concentrated gemmo extracts to otpimize  your health and guarantee perfect safety and maximum effectiveness:

The HerbalGem laboratory - Certification

We make our concentrated meristem macerates exclusively with fresh buds that are certified ORGANIC (CERTISYS-BE-BIO-01 standard) which means they are harvested in forests or come from organic farming.

The HerbalGem laboratory - Quality

Our products contain all the properties and energy of the plant as found in their buds. Tree essence in the making ! 

The HerbalGem laboratory - Phytembryotherapy

HerbalGem's concentrated meristem mother-macerates have many advantages compared to D1 diluted glycerol macerates (D1 means that the extract is diluted ten times): 

  • A low daily dosage is sufficient, usually 5 to 15 drops per day.
  • The water-alcohol-glycerine mixture we use preserves all the active ingredients of the bud.
  • You ingest 10 times less alcohol and glycerine, which means even children and pregnant women can take it safely.
  • It's easier to take, as you take an exact quantity of drops and each bottle lasts 10 times longer than standard extracts.

Last but not least, this kind of bud extract is particularly rich and the special factor lies in the youthfulness of the plant tissue, and the diversity and concentration of active ingredients. This guarantees that the buds have superior therapeutic qualities.

What does organic farming mean?

Organic agriculture is a method of production that promotes the use of organic or mechanical farming techniques, as opposed to the use of synthetic chemicals. It is a holistic production management system that promotes agrosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles and the soil’s biological action.

For organic crops, it is important that the crop suits the soil, and the use of synthetic chemical fertilisers and pesticides is prohibited.

Le laboratoire HerbalGem - Certification BIO

Our range of gemmotherapy includes more than 60 certified ORGANIC (CERTISYS-BE-BIO-01 control) concentrated meristem mother-macerates.